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     Tianjin Wynn Food Additive Co. Ltd. is an independent legal person enterprise Tianjin Yongli chemical companymembership, with nearly twenty years of production history. Company is mainly engaged in cryogenic liquid gasproduction, sales. At the same time according to customer needs, can be installed on-site customer stationengineering design.

    We have a high purity food grade liquid carbon dioxide production advanced large-scale equipment, DCS system adopts imported online analysis and detection equipment and automation, is the production of high purity food grade carbon dioxide, a variety of specifications bottled carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, operating bottled high-purity gas distribution, laboratory with various components of standard gas, mixed gas and dry ice series products are the maingas production enterprises. Testing means that the company has the abundant technical force and product, has a strict quality management control system, guarantee the production quality of the product and sales in the domestic same industry leading.

    Our company and the America Coca Cola Co and USA Pepsi Co with nearly 20 years of cooperation, and continuously through the American Coca Cola Co and Pepsi Co have America certification, supplier qualification. The products of our company has achieved ISO9001 quality management system certification, FSSC22000 food safetymanagement system certification, measurement management system certification of ISO10012, social responsibility,and the safety standard certification.

    Our company is located in the center of Tianjin Binhai New Area District, convenient transportation, favorable geographical position, convenient to provide good service and technical support to customers. Company based inTianjin Binhai New Area, the North China region and the country to actively expand the market, the company has builta fifty thousand tons of food grade carbon dioxide production device. The product has a space for one person in food, electronics, metallurgy, scientific research, medical and other fields.